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Workers Comp FAQ

Q- How do I know if my injury is covered by workers compensation?

A- If you are injured at work or during company time and the injury disables you from work, it is covered by Workers Compensation. 

Q- How long does the process take?

A- Around a year or so.

Q- What kind of benefits am I entitled to?

A- A weekly rate (about 2/3 of your pay) and payments of all medical bills. No money for pain and suffering. 

Q- How long do i get workers comp benefits?

A-  Usually as long as you are unable to work. 

Q- How much is this going to cost me?

A- No out of pocket fees. I get paid when you get paid.

Q- What court handles this case?

A- The Magistrate siting in the Workers Comp Court has exclusive rights to handle the case. There is no jury trial.

Q- Can I collect if I am disabled because of a disease, or mental illness caused by work?

A- Yes. If you are disabled because of injury, disease or mental illness.

Q- If I caused my own injury at work, can I collect workers comp?

A- Yes, workers comp is pure "No Fault".

Q- Can I get medical treatment while the case is pending?

A- Generally no when a case is disputed.     

Q- If the injury was caused by someone employed by another company, can I sue for pain and suffering and collect workers comp?

A- Yes. The lawsuit for pain and suffering would be in another court. A simple example is when you are injured by another car while driving a company vehicle. You sue the other driver for pain and suffering and collect workers comp from your own employer.  

Q- How many cases go to trial in workers comp and how many get settled?

A- The vast majority of cases are eventually settled by what is called Redemption. This is a settlement that covers past, present and future weekly benefits and medicals.

Q- Do I need a lawyer to handle my workers comp case?

A- Yes. Michigan has a very strict law that permits employers to avoid paying benefits for injuries. Now the injured worker has to prove that he/she has no transferable skills, before workers comp benefits will be paid. In addition the employer can have you examined by their own doctor, to advise the employer whether to pay benefits. very few cases are paid voluntarily. 

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